McKinley to Denali Princess Lodge


This morning I woke up at 4:30 am. Both the alarm on the iPad and wake up call both worked. We had arrived in Whittier at 12:30am. One of the bright orange lights on the dock shone right into my cabin. Once I had gathered everything up, I headed to International Cafe for a muffin and coffee and then headed to Bordeaux Dining room to wait to disembark to the train.

I headed to car 2, table 18 and made myself comfortable for the next 5-1/2 hours. Weather hasn’t been too nice. Rain is falling. I’m hoping things clear up as we continue north.

The train ride was a nice 5-1/2 hours. Once a couple moved out it was just myself and one other lady from Calgary. The wife asked the other lady if she would mind moving so she could sit next to her husband. Well that meant giving up the window seat. We both said no. They should have got there earlier like we did.

On the way up we saw Beluga whales hunting salmon. Other than that no other wildlife.

Here at the lodge, a mother black bear and her 2 twin cubs have been spotted walking around the grounds. The lodge is made up buildings that have two stories and rooms inside. I’m pretty far from the main lodge and that is the only place where they have free internet.

I go horseback riding at 5pm for a couple of hours, have dinner with the girls and then head to bed. I have to have my suitcase outside my room by 7:30 tomorrow morning and catch the bus to the Denali lodge at 9am. For tonight, I have put my name on the call list for the Northern Lights should they appear. The chance of seeing them or Mt. McKinley here is slim to none as it’s very cloudy and raining off and on. Right now it’s 54 degrees. I hear at home it is extremely hot. Not looking forward to going home to that this weekend.

More tomorrow from Denali then on to Fairbanks.











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