College Fjord – Sea Day

Last night I had a wonderful dinner with David and Jacki in Sabatini’s. All the food was wonderful.

I woke up at 4:30 but not by choice. The ship was rocking really bad. We heard there was going to be 12′ swells but this was ridiculous. I immediately took a Bonine.

Today is basically a sea day as we don’t reach College Fjord until 5pm.

The seas have continued to be very rough. You can’t even look outside your window. All I wanted to eat for breakfast this morning was toast and corn flakes. I picked up a green apple because I heard it helps with sea sickness should I get it.

I did another small load of laundry along with everyone else and watched an episode of The Love Boat. The funny thing about watching these episodes is that I still remember them as if I just watched them and some of them are almost 30 years old.

Tonight we have to have our bags outside our room before we go to bed. I’m basically already packed. I had to make sure everything I bought would fit in my suitcase. I also have to decide what I’m going to put in my carryon since I don’t see my suitcase again until I get to The McKinley Lodge and were not allowed to bring too much on the train.

It’s kind of sad that after tomorrow that I will no longer be on the ship. I will also not have as much food around me because starting tomorrow I have to pay for everything. I’m glad I decided to do the cruisetour after the ship otherwise this trip would be over too soon. I have to be in the dining room by 6am tomorrow, and then we climb onto the train.

My minutes are winding down so I will posting again tomorrow once I reach the lodge and I have free internet.


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