Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay

I set the alarm to wake up at 5am this morning because they say the best time to see wildlife on the way to Glacier Bay is very early in the morning. I went up had some breakfast and as I was heading to my seat, some people by the window spotted some whales. I missed them. I quietly ate my breakfast and headed down to the International Cafe for my morning coffee and headed back to my room. I was soo cold walking on the deck to the Horizon Court that I decided to bundle up some more. The new lined jacket I bought was perfect. As I was in my room glancing out the balcony window, out of no where 3 Orcas surfaced. I grabbed my camera but unfortunately they were too far away to get a good shot. I grabbed the binoculars and just stood out there and waited. Then more came up. I could hear the other people on their balconies making comments too.

The rangers were brought on board the ship around 6am and we should be in Glacier Bay by 9am. It is very foggy out so I hope we get to see the Glaciers and here’s hoping for a calving, otherwise known as “white thunder”.

Well, we didn’t get to see any calving but I couldn’t believe how the sun came out yet again and it was beautiful in Glacier Bay. There wasn’t any wildlife except birds and the orcas on the way into the bay. Right now we’re sailing out of Glacier Bay and I saw another whale. No sea lions, seals or otters.

Tonight I was invited to join my British friends in Sabatini’s since I missed out last night.

Tomorrow is College Fjord then it’s off at Whittier and on to Denali.







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