Yesterday afternoon I took a nice long nap and then went down to International Cafe to grab a little something for dinner. Horizon Court didn’t have much for me so I had another Waldorf Chicken Salad and Caprece panini. I met up with my fellow cruisers Deborah, Rich and Laurie and we hung out there for a while.


I woke up this morning and found we had already docked in Skagway. Since my tour had changed from 7:20 to 1:20 I took my time getting dressed and went up to breakfast. Since most of the boat was out on excursions, I decided to do a load of laundry. I was the first one in there and figured out how to us the machines and then proceeded to teach all the other passengers that came in. Since I had an abundance of Tide Pods and quarters, I was able to sell my remaining quantities and even make a buck or two. Who knew?

I walked into town in the pouring rain to get a souvenir t-shirt from Skagway and wandered back. When it came time to my tour, I headed back to the dock and waited for the guide. We were taken down to the dock and got on a boat. The seas were very rough and I was afraid I would get sick because I didn’t take any Bonine today since it was making me so sleepy. I was okay. We made it to Glacier Point and got on a bus to a remote area. They gave us sandwiches and then we put on boots and rain gear and hiked down to the canoes. From here on it was absolutely fantastic. We canoed up to Davidson Glacier and little did I know, we actually got to walk on the glacier. It was incredible. Parts of the glacier were floating in the lake. I got some nice pictures. We came back to the beach and got on the boat. Going back was much smoother. The the captain stopped the boat and we had a pod of Dall’s porpoises swimming and jumping around the boat. There was a point where the salt water and fresh water met and put a line in the water. The porpoises stopped like they hit a wall and went back to the salt water. We just stayed there for a while and watched them swim and jump around us. We could’t have ended the day any better. The guide on the boat said this was the first time this season they have seen them. Because we stopped, we were the last 21 people to get on the boat before it left. I was bummed because I wasn’t able to meet up with my fellow ship mates in the specialty restaurant but I had a feeling I was going to be late so I told them not to wait for me.

Tomorrow we arrive in Glacier Bay. I hope we get to see some orcas.









One thought on “Skagway

  1. Julie – I am so happy for you! This sounds like a trip of a lifetime and the road to getting there was certainly a challenging one. It makes the trip even more meaningful and allows you to really soak in all the beauty you are experiencing. Enjoy!

    Thinking of you!

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