Last night was formal night and the Champagne waterfall. Since 4 of us had Anytime dining, we decided to go at 5:30. This was the only formal night I was doing. We were put at a table of 10. There were two couples from Canada and I’m not sure where the other one was from. I had gone to afternoon tea at 3:30 so I tried not to eat too much at dinner. Fortunately the portions are small so I got a shrimp cocktail and fettuccine Alfredo that was served in a parmesan basket/bowl and for dessert was chocolate peanut butter pie. Since we had dinner early, we watched the Champagne waterfall and went and saw the early show in the Princess Theater called Motor City. Not bad. It was only 30 minutes long. I was exhausted and knew I was getting up early the next morning so I headed to bed. This time I made sure the alarm was set for AM not PM.

We arrived right on schedule at 6am to pouring down rain. I was planning on rain for kayaking so I dressed accordingly. My tour was to start on the the dock at 7:20am so I got up early, ordered room service the night before. I was dressed long before the room service was scheduled to arrive so I went down to the International Cafe and got my morning Milk and White Chocolate Mocha and watched as they docked the boat.

When I got off the ship and met the tour rep, I found out there was only 4 of us for the first of the morning tour. Myself, Gary from Colorado and Tomas and Jolie from Panama.

It was about a 30 minute drive to the location and it was a nice ride. There were 4 of us in a 50 pax bus. Once there, they gave us an orientation gave us a dry bag for our cameras, a drip skirt and a life vest. Gary and I were in the one boat and he had the duty of steering with the rudder. Once we were out there, it was absolutely beautiful. The rain had stopped. It wasn’t too cold or to hot. I asked if I should take my sunglasses but our guide said he wasn’t expecting any sun so to leave them behind. Big mistake; the sun came out and it was even more beautiful and incredibly quiet. We saw salmon jumping out of the water, eagles and eagles nests, starfish and even a curious seal came near us. He would just pop his head up out of the water, look at us for a bit, and go back down under.

We were out on the water for almost two hours. It’s incredible what the sound of water lapping on the side of a kayak can do to one’s bladder. Both Jolie and I really had to go and every once in a while there would be a big wake from a boat that kept getting too close to us and that only inspired us to get back to the dock faster. Sorry TMI. I had an incredible time. My arms are sore but it was so worth it. I came back on the ship, went up to the grill, had a cheeseburger and then went back off to a souvenir shop for some goodies to take home.

For some reason I’m not able to download the shots from my 64GB SD card on to my iPad so those will have to come when I get home.

Yesterday afternoon, a group of us went to listen to the Naturalist that is on board to talk about the glaciers. When we leave today, he is going to be talking over the loud speaker and pointing out wildlife. I was given a book by my travel agent they is called The Alaska Cruise Companion. Inside are maps that point out waypoints where whales (orcas & humpbacks) seals, otters, etc., are known to be at. I’m not sure if I’ll watch from my balcony or go up on deck.

Damn, I just looked at the Patter and I missed the Pub lunch that everyone always talks about. Hopefully it will be again later in the trip.

More tomorrow after whale watching with Harv and Marv.














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