Sea Day

I woke up this morning around 5 after 6. I couldn’t figure out why the alarm didn’t go off and looked and saw I had set it for PM instead of AM. I wanted to get up early and walk the deck to get some exercise in. They say if you’re going to see any whales or dolphins, early in the morning is the best time. Sure enough I saw some dolphins. I thought I took a picture but I just checked my camera an I didn’t get it. Bummer. I’m sure it won’t be the last time. Once I had done my laps, I stopped off at the International Cafe and got a White Chocolate/Dark Chocolate Mocha. I know, me and white chocolate don’t go but I knew that if I got it mixed in there, I wouldn’t need much sugar and I was right. Looks like I found my drink of choice every morning.

Once I took a shower I went down to the Horizon Court for breakfast. I met a nice lady from Texas as I was sitting there eating my breakfast. When she asked where I was from and I said San Diego, the first thing she said was, “You all are getting rid of your mayor”. Thanks Filner, Even on a cruise, I can’t get away from you.

Before I headed to breakfast, the captain announced that we would be slowing down to do a routine test of the propulsion system. Two words you don’t want to hear on a cruise are propulsion system. I had noticed we had stopped before his announcement so now I know why. At least it was just a test.

The weather this morning is very gloomy and finally cold; exactly what I packed for. Yesterday in Vancouver is was warm and muggy and I had to change to the only t-shirt I brought.

While I was walking to breakfast the officer of the deck announced that a whale was off the starboard side. I ran to a window but didn’t see anything.

So far the seas have been calm; at least I don’t feel anything on the boat. As I’m sitting here in The Library looking out at the white caps, I’m surprised I don’t feel any movement at all.

Our Meet & Greet is in about an hour and a half.

More later.


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