All Aboard

Last night I got a pretty good nights sleep. Once the Aleeve kicked in, my back felt a lot better. This hotel is incredibly quiet. I didn’t have to put on the white noise app on the iPad. I will say that TV here isn’t the greatest so I fell asleep to the Food Network.

I woke up at my normal non-work day time of 5am. When I looked out the window it was still very dark but it was also raining. As it became lighter and around 7am, I looked out the window trying to see if I could see the ship come in. Unfortunately it was out of my view and also foggy.

I went downstairs to the restaurant and had breakfast. To my friends Lisa H. and Demi R., talk about a ton of bacon on a plate. They literally piled it on and it wasn’t even a buffet but plated. You two were the first two people I thought of when she put the plate in front of me. I sat there and read a magazine on my iPad and ate. When I looked up, there were 4 other people eating by themselves, either on an iPad or a laptop. It’s amazing how we can’t do without our electronics.

I checked out of the hotel at 11am and grabbed a cab down to the pier. Thank God the driver reminded me about me about my tag. Turns out they didn’t like it in the plastic cover I had bought. Oh well. I walked into the terminal and had my boarding pass and passport ready. Got into the first of several lines; one to check my passport, one to go through security, then one to get my cruise card. Once I had those, I sat in a chair and waited until our row was called. As I was sitting there, a gentleman yelled, “Julie”. I couldn’t believe I would see someone from the roll call already and sure enough it was David and his wife Jacki from the UK. They had priority boarding so they went right onboard.

Once our row was called, we headed to the ship. Had to do the obligatory photo in front of the backdrop and then had to get our picture take again for our cruise card then it was off to my cabin. It was easy enough to find and when I walked in, I couldn’t believe it. I was really here in my mini suite. I still can’t believe I’m here.

I decided it was time to walk around and see if I could find my way and I ended up outside of
Crooners Lounge where our Meet and Greet is tomorrow morning and who should I run into again but David and Jacki. We stood and talked there for awhile and then Lilian and her mom Antoinette and then Laurie. Everyone parted ways and I went and explored more on my own. I found the ice bar and had that for lunch. Found the International Cafe and met Penny and LaVonda. A group of us stayed and talked for a while and then I came back to my cabin to see if my suitcase had arrived. It had so I began unpacking. My cabin steward, Ernesto, came by and made his introductions and filled me in on everything.

It was time to go to the muster drill. I put the complimentary glass of champagne in the fridge and headed to the Bayou Cafe. That took about 45 minutes and Now we are just waiting for the sail away. I’m beginning to feel the ship move. Time to sit on the balcony and drink my champagne.









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