Half Way Done!


Take that cancer!

As of this week and I am now half way through treatment.  Three weeks from today I am all done with radiation.   I never thought I would hear myself utter these words, but I am looking forward to going back to work.

For those that know me, I am habitual about my yearly exams; teeth cleaning, physical, “peek-a-boo” and mammograms.  So this morning I had my 6 month teeth cleaning.  I always look forward to getting my teeth cleaned as it always feels so good when they are done.  They do a little scraping, polish and I’m out of there.  Imagine my surprise when things didn’t go so well this morning.  I told them when I got there that I didn’t want to have x-rays as I was already going through radiation treatment and I didn’t want to add on.

My usual hygienist was away so the new gal Jackie would be cleaning my teeth.  Wow was she thorough.  Turns out that when they did the probe between the teeth and gums, I now had 4’s and 5’s where I was always a 2.  They said that because of radiation, all my gums are inflamed.   So now I have to have a deep cleaning on some of my teeth, brush my teeth with a special  toothpaste and get my teeth cleaned every 3 months until things get back to normal.  Before I left today, they painted my teeth with fluoride.    This was a side effect I wasn’t prepared for.  I pride myself on my good teeth.

Skin seems to be holding up well.  Just sunburned and tanned.  No fatigue at this point.  I will hold off celebrating until I’m completely done.


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