Another week under my belt

Today I completed my third week of radiation.  The boob is turning a lovely bronze color.  Due to the holiday on Monday, I’ll get a 3 day break. 

So far I’ve only had a couple bouts of exhaustion.  When it hits, it feels like I’ve been crying for hours without the puffy eyes but then the next day it’s gone.   I’ve had some pain that feels like I’m bruised and it’s tender to the touch but that’s it.   I’m still forcing myself to go for my 3 mile walks as soon as I get home from treatment.  I’ve read that I should be doing at least 4 hours of exercise a week.  My walks take an hour so I’m getting in 5 hours.

This past week I had my weekly x-ray and I also had a CAT scan.  The CAT scan takes readings for when I go through the boost treatment which is the last week.   This next Wednesday will put me half way through the process. 

Now to take a few days to relax.  Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend!




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