Week Two Completed

Today I completed my second week of radiation.  Other than having one nicely bronzed breast (that no one will see), everything seems to be going well.  I meet with Dr. Shimizu every Monday, just to give a status report.  Other than one day when I felt kind of wiped out, I’ve been feeling good.  Every day after radiation, I come home and take Charlie for a 3 mile walk.  When I told this to the doctor, he seemed kind of surprised.  I told him, I was going to keep it up until I didn’t feel like I could.

This week they had a service dog in the gowned waiting area.  His name was Boomer and he was an English Yellow Lab.  They are there every Monday.  Next Monday will be Amber.

I found out this week  as well that after every 5 treatments I get an x-ray.  It’s done by the same machine that zaps me.  This next week I have to get another CAT scan and plan for my boost treatments.  I thought my last week of treatment was when I got the boosts but apparently it gets done in the middle as well.

I finally received my payment from disability.  It only took a month.




One thought on “Week Two Completed

  1. Julie- I think of you often and am so glad to read your positive posts! It’s wonderful that you are walking so often. Your positive attitude is an inspiration. Xo

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