Right on Schedule…..

Today I spoke with Dr. Shimizu’s office and it turns out I didn’t need insurance approval after all  for radiation,  so tomorrow I go see him.  It will start off with a one-on-one and then over to the planning session.  I don’t know if this means I get measured and the tattoos tomorrow or I’ll have to go back again.  Tomorrow it will be exactly 3 weeks since my surgery so everything seems to be going as planned.

This afternoon I met with Dr. Bernstein.  We talked about the treatment after radiation.  Turns out I won’t go on Tamoxifen or Raloxifene.   The drug that I could go on causes bones to become weak.  So, in case I do go on that drug, I have to go in for a bone density test.  I need to have this done anyway since I’m post-menopausal.  He said it’s completely up to me if I want to go on the drugs afterwards.

I will post tomorrow after I meet with Dr. Shimizu.


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