Two weeks later……

Today was my 2 week follow up appointment with Dr. Wilde.  Apparently, for some, the steristrip bandages stay on some people until their 2 week follow up appointment.  For me, they’ve been off for almost a week.  As she was checking her handy work, I told her that she left a beautiful a scar.  She was actually quite happy with the results and we did a fist bump right there on the exam table.

I now have an appointment with Dr. Bernstein (medical oncologist) on Monday to discuss possible oral follow up medication.  Dr. Wilde doesn’t seem to think that I’ll need it but she said that was up to Dr. Bernstein.  I am going to talk to him about the possibility of not going on Tamoxifen and taking Raloxifene instead.  Tamoxifen has a lot of negative side effects and is usually given to women who are pre-menopausal.  Since I’m such an over achiever and have already been through menopause, I’m hoping to go on the other one, if he finds it necessary.

I have to wait now for my insurance company to approve the radiation treatments.  I hope to get this started next week.

Going on disability has been a joy.  Apparently as of March 1st, the state doesn’t accept the type of form I received from work.  Fortunately I did my portion online but the doctor form was outdated so I had to have the doctor’s office redo the form.  I had to wait until today to get the completed form back from them.  I came prepared had the envelope stamped and since I got to the office early, like I always do, I went down to the mail box.  However I found the mail had already been picked up for the day.  I’m curious to see how much the actual amount will turn out to be and how soon I get the first check.


One thought on “Two weeks later……

  1. Keep on keeping us inspired – and keep the humor – that can get you through a lot I would imagine! Keep taking care and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers Julie 🙂

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