A Beautiful Day

Today I decided to go to Cabrillo National Monument.  I dropped Charlie off at the groomer and headed to Point Loma.  The weather has been perfect the past few days so I knew it would be pretty on the coast.

When I got to the top of the hill, you have to go through Fort Rosecrans.  Even though it’s a cemetery, it’s very peaceful and a beautiful view.

I began by going up to the lighthouse.




When you go inside, it’s so small.  It’s hard to believe a family of 5 lived in there.

I walked around and went over to the overlook area.  Here you can see where the lookouts were during  World War II.  The views today were incredible.

I then drove down to the tide pool area.  When I first arrived, it was low tide but as I stayed there longer, the tide was coming in.  Even though there was quite a few people down there, it was still very peaceful.


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As I mentioned before, I don’t feel it necessary to go to a building to talk with God.  It was out there sitting on the rocks and watching the waves and the birds that I had my own conversation with him.  It felt so nice just “being”.  It was a beautiful day and I’m starting to really appreciate those days more and more and how lucky I am.


6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day

  1. So enjoyed your beautiful day and the journey you took sharing in the beautiful world God has given us. The best prayers or conversations with the Lord are just as you shared. Keep up the positive attitude and keep up those conversations with God. He is always listening no matter where you are.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Julie – I admire your courage, strength and appreciation! You are an awesome woman!

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  3. and you want to make me cry! the pictures look very peaceful. Glad it’s beautiful day! “Being” is important.

  4. What a beautiful message. God is all over the place, and yes indeed we can talk to God no matter where we are. You are in my thoughts dear friend, and God is ALWAYS close. Continue with those beautiful days. They get better and better… Love and hugs – Philip xoxo

  5. Hello Julie – been thinking about you a lot and wanted to send a little hello to you….XOXO

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