The Worst Part is now over

Let me preface this that I might have some spelling errors or might be incoherent.

We got to the surgery center at 9am and were taken to the back.  We waited there for 2 hours before they took me over to the Breast Center to get a stereotactic wire insertion.  This time it didn’t hurt much at all.  Took another mammogram and headed back to the surgery center.

I came back to the surgery center and met with Anesthesiologist, Dr. Wilde and the operating room nurse that all asked the same questions.

The operating room was freezing so they wrapped me in blankets with heater.  The inserted the IV and that’s the last I remember until I woke up in recovery.

We got home and I was finally able to eat a sandwich thin with peanut butter and some Cheetos.  Mom left and got her suitcase and brought back some chicken tenders.

I’m still very groggy but not much pain yet.

Isn’t the photo of me in my shower cap and with the compression stockings attractive? 🙂



7 thoughts on “The Worst Part is now over

  1. I’m glad the surgery is over and that you aren’t in much pain. Get lots of rest, my friend. Love ya, Lauren

  2. Good Morning Julie,

    So glad that the worst part is over and all went well with surgery!

    When you have time, please send me your cell phone #, I tried to get it yesterday to send you a text, but no luck.

    As always positive thoughts and prayers are still coming your way J

  3. Gee Julie you could start a new fashion trend! What a blessing to have this part completed and to have you be able to share with us. Just like you, thinking of others 🙂 Stay strong during the recovery and blessings to your mom too for sharing your journey! sometimes I think it can seem harder for us parents to watch our children go thru things in life (no matter what their age) that we can’t control or fix. Cheers to your Mom!!! I hope you enjoy this time away from work too. You are missed and things will be here when you return. Take care!

  4. Hey Julie:

    Our mom’s have been talking so I’ve been being kept up to date. Glad that all went well with surgery and that today is a pain free day. Sending you my well wishes. Let me know if there’s anything that you need. Love the socks. Sexy is all I can say, very sexy!

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