MRI Time

Well today was the day I found out if I’m claustrophobic, and I still don’t know as I was blessed to have a Xanax prescribed for me.  The last time I took one was when I had my biopsy and that time I didn’t feel a thing.  This time, well lets just say, I’m in love.  Mom and I got there a little early and yet again I had to fill out paperwork.  As I was sitting in the waiting area, I really started to feel the effects of the drug.  Little did I know the effects of 1 pill would last 5-6 hours.

I went into the changing area and removed my top clothing.  As I came out I saw that the TV in that area was on QVC.  Mom was being tortured with CNN in the main waiting room so I asked if should could come back and sit in the other area while I went in.  I know how she loves her QVC.

The nurse I had was wonderful.  I told her I was already on Xanax.  She asked who my doctor was and when she saw it was Dr. Wilde, she said, “Why the f*@k does she only prescribe 1 pill.  Doesn’t she realize we always need more”.  From that moment on I knew it wasn’t going to be so bad.

We went into another room and she put in the IV catheter that was going to be used to inject the contrasting agent.   The contrasting agent is attracted to any other cancer cells that may be there in my breasts.   A few minutes later I went in to the MRI room.  The picture below shows what I was in.  However, my arms had to be at my side.


From the moment they positioned me in the machine they said it would be about 30 minutes.  I put in the ear plugs and tried to relax.  Each time the scans were done, they told he how long they would last.  The sound was like being in a club with really bad techno music.  Towards the end, they then injected the contrasting agent.  That was the weirdest feeling; it felt like cold liquid being injected in my veins.

Then it was over.  It really wasn’t bad.  I think part of it was I was face down and wasn’t able to see how enclosed I was in the machine.  If I had been on my back, I probably would have felt like I was in a coffin.

The only instructions I received when I left was drink at least 32 oz. of water to flush the contrasting agent out of my body.

Now I wait until Monday when I go back to Dr. Wilde to discuss the treatment and find out if there is any other cancer cells in either of my breasts.

It still feels odd when I say I have breast cancer; it feels like I’m talking about someone else.  I wonder if it ever sinks in.  Maybe when I’m going through the recovery from surgery and radiation.

Below is a video I found on YouTube that also shows the MRI process.

More after my appointment on Monday.


2 thoughts on “MRI Time

  1. Hi (super woman) Julie, You are a brave woman my friend. My thoughts are always with you as you ride this turbulent wave… Love and hugs – Philip (Pookie)
    Heavenly Father, giver of life and health: Comfort and relieve Julie, and give your power of healing to those who minister to her needs, that she may be strengthened in her weakness and have confidence in your loving care; You Lord, are her light and the strength in her life.
    Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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