First meeting with the 4th Doctor

This afternoon was the meeting with the 4th doctor, Dr. Bernstein, the medical oncologist. When I walked into the office it was a very casual atmosphere. The two gals working behind the reception desk were surfing the internet looking at girls with bad make-up and girls with Jedi names. Don’t ask! Instead of having a nurse take me to the exam room, weigh me (argh!) and take my blood pressure, Dr. Bernstein came out and took me back personally. He’s a man who loves his black lab. Everything in the exam room was something with a black lab on it.

We sat down and talked about family history and I learned that people with Swedish/Norwegian descent have a strong chance of Breast cancer and skin cancer. He suggested I get the BRCA test only because of my age and my heritage.

We then talked about treatment. When I have the surgery, whether it be Mastectomy or Lumpectomy, they’ll test the tissue to see if the cancer is Estrogen positive. This means the cancer feeds on Estrogen to grow. If it does, then after radiation, we’ll talk about putting me on a anti-hormone. Side effects of the drug are hot flashes. Okay, I spent about year and half going through those when I went through Menopause, not really looking forward to going through those again. As my friend Mary calls them, “My own private summer” šŸ™‚

My next appointment is this Thursday morning and the MRI. I’ve never had one of these but as usual I’ve looked up the process on the internet. I will post the video and see how close it comes to what I go through.



2 thoughts on “First meeting with the 4th Doctor

  1. I think of you so often and pray for your complete recovery. I think it is excellent that you are sharing your information! The most important things you need right now are faith and a positive attitude. I believe you have both!Sounds like your doctors are excellent. MRI-not fun-loud-uncomfortable-seem to last forever-but not the worst thing you will ever experience! Keep me posted.

    • Thank you so much. If I can convince more women to get their regular mammograms, then this whole process will be worth it. I’ll be posting again tomorrow after the MRI. I think I’m going to be glad she prescribed me a Zanax.

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