Second Batch of Doctor Visits Down

Today was another long day of doctor visits.  First stop was at the Scripps Radiation Therapy Center to see Dr. Shimizu.  Talk about a fancy-schmancy building.  Again filling out multiple sheets of paper then off to the scale and to the exam room.  Once in there the nurse went over my paperwork, took my blood pressure (thank God, that was back to normal) and then I had to wait for 30 minutes before the doctor came in and there were no magazines.  Rude!  Once he came in, I really liked him.  He had me put on the infamous gown that opens in the front and then did an exam.  You know, with as many people that have seen, poked, fondled and examined my boobs in the last few weeks, the doctors don’t have to leave the room when I change my clothes.  Just stay there and save some time.

Once the exam was done, he went through all the scenarios of radiation treatments.  Three weeks after surgery, I will begin radiation treatment, 5 days a week for 5-6 weeks.  From the time I walk in the door until I leave it’s a 20 minute process.  On the initial visit they will measure how the radiation will be applied to my breast and I will finally have a tatoo; two permanent marks that can’t wash off between treatments.  The radiation will cause a “sun burn” and then I will finally have a tan, albeit on only one breast and it will fade but for a short time, I will be a tan.  And for the rest of my life, it won’t be able to be exposed to sun.  There goes the nude sunbathing I was planning in Alaska.

Next it was off to the Genetics Counselor.  Bev was the sweetest person I have met.  She sat down with me and we went through my family history on both sides.  I have to contact my cousins to see if they’ve had any cancer and then we’ll determine if I’ll get the BRCA1 and BRCA2 test to see if I’m predisposed to breast cancer.  If none of them have, then we won’t do the test and that will save me $4,000.

After that, I went upstairs to see my first doctor, Dr. Wilde to drop off my mammogram so they could download the disc.  They sent me back to the breast center and said they could download them.  I go back and the breast center says no they can’t because they don’t have a file on me so back upstairs I go.

I met with Renee, Dr. Wilde’s nurse.  She gave me my prescription for Xanax to take when I have my MRI.  While I was there, she checked again and found the insurance company finally approved the procedure.  She scheduled that for me on the 14th.  So on the 12th, I go see the last doctor, the medical oncologist, go back on Thursday for the MRI and then back to Dr. Wilde the following Monday to schedule everything.

So now more things to take in.  I swear my head is swelling!

More later.




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