Step one…Meet the first doctor….Check.

This morning was the first step in many to come.  Today I met my surgical oncologist, Dr. Mary Wilde.  Getting there this morning was a trip down memory lane; driving to La Jolla in peak traffic.  Argh!

I now know why they ask you to come in 15 minutes prior to your appointment time on your first appointment.  Filling out the paperwork took 15 minutes alone.  It would have been faster to have my DNA run.

Once inside the exam room, the nurse proceeded to take my blood pressure….Surprise it was higher than normal.  I think it was a combination of traffic, trying to find the building and then the “white jacket effect”.

When Dr. Wilde came in she sat down and explained to me exactly what my pathology report said.  She broke it down from the actual name, to the location of where it was found to the different treatment options.  The most encouraging thing she said to me is that this is 100% curable.  (Insert huge sigh here!)  She then told me that I will have a team of doctors, not just her, working with me.  I will have a Surgical Oncologist (Dr. Wilde), Radiation Oncologist (Dr. Shimizu), Medical Oncologist (Dr. Bernstein) and a Genetic Counselor (Beverly Mangerich).  Based on the results, it looks like it will be a lumpectomy and radiation.  Nothing will be set in stone until the 2nd opinion comes back from the tissue tests and I have an MRI.  All the appointments are set except for the MRI as that has to be approved by my insurance company.

Next Tuesday, I have two appointments in the afternoon, the first with the Radiation Oncologist and the second right after with the Genetic Counselor.    The following Tuesday, I meeting with Medical Oncologist.  Somewhere in between will be the MRI.  Once this is all completed, I go back to see Dr. Wilde to set up all the procedures.

Two hours later I left the office.  I haven’t felt so mentally drained in a long time.  When I arrived back at work, I had a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my sales partners.  As soon as I read the card, I burst into tears.  I am truly touched by their thoughts and wells wishes.




3 thoughts on “Step one…Meet the first doctor….Check.

  1. Love you Julie…………allow us to support you, lean into us when you need to, pick us up when we struggle with knowing how to help you. We’ll do our best as we journey with you……..but we will be by your side.

  2. Under the circumstances which I pray that you were not having to experience, this is good news… You are very resilient and I know you will power through this- please do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do for you- I am here as needed! XOXO

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