Present in the Moment…….

Recently I booked myself on an Alaskan cruise for my 50th birthday next year.   I’ve been very excited and watching the countdown I downloaded to my computer constantly.  As I was glancing at it the other night, I realized how many days had gone by since I first downloaded it.  It was then that I realized how fast time had gone by.  As I’ve become older, I’ve noticed this more so but for some reason this time it really struck me.  Before I know it the trip will be here and then over.  That’s when I decided I really needed to be present now in my life.  My job has a tendency of making me constantly looking forward, forward, FORWARD and I have to slow down!

I took a moment and looked back and realized:

  • I will have had Charlie, my dog, for 6 years.  He was so small when I got him and he was constantly at my side.  35 pounds later he’s still at my side.
  • My 6 year anniversary at the hotel will be this Friday.  I remember when we first re-opened, we were saying how fun it will be in 4 years when the hotel has its Centennial.  That was now 2 years ago.
  • My nieces are now 13 and almost 17.  I remember the youngest one sleeping on my chest a few weeks after she was born and the oldest one sleeping with me in my bed the first time she stayed with me because she was scared to sleep alone.

Looking back I realize I wasn’t “present” to enjoy these moments.  I got up, drove to work, worked for 10 hours or more and drove home, day after day.  I’m still doing that now but I want to slow down a bit and look around at my surroundings and enjoy the people I’m with.

Maybe I’ve become more aware of this as well since my parents are getting ready to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary in a month and a half.  With aging parents, it’s never easy to watch them getting older but it’s important to spend time with them and appreciate them.  I’m lucky enough to be able to spend Sunday’s with them, when I’m not working.  It started over 25 years ago after I moved out.  I would go over their to do laundry when I lived in my apartment because I didn’t want to use the laundry room in my complex and it’s something I’ve done ever since.

I guess it all goes back to my previous post, “Take Time….”  Sometimes, you have to stop, take a deep breath and just BE in the moment.


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