Take time….

One of the things I want to do over this next year (and really from now on), is take time.  Time to enjoy the small things; appreciate what is around me.  First thing I did was take time and enjoy this sunset the other night.  I was  in the house finishing my dishes and I noticed a beautiful orange glow on the wall in one of my bedrooms.  I went out in the back yard and saw that it was the sunset.  Fires are devastating but the remnants make for beautiful sunsets.

For those that know me, my absolute favorite time of year is Fall.  Here in San Diego, we don’t get a true Fall but the light changes in the sky,  the temperature begins dropping,  the flannel sheets will be on the bed soon and Sunday morning snuggles with Charlie are right around the corner.  He is my own little four-legged hot water bottle.

This year I plan on taking my mountain drive.  It’s the closest I get to seeing leaves change.  I haven’t been able to go for the past few years due to work, but this year I’m taking time.  Years ago, my sister and I used to spend a week with my Grandpa in Fallbrook.  He lived in a trailer park but not what you think.  It was beautiful with creeks and oak trees running through it.  One day out of the week he would take us on this drive and it’s something I have remembered ever since.   I’m planning on the weekend before Halloween.  I start by going through Valley Center and stopping at Bates Nut Farm.  They have a pumpkin patch that rotates each year from one side of the farm to the other.

The next stop is heading towards Palomar Mountain and stopping at the Observatory.  Before it used to be all open space on this drive, but as you leave Bates, you’ll be driving along a country road and then all of sudden this huge concrete structure comes up and it’s the parking garage for Harrah’s Rincon Casino.

To get to the mountain you have to drive on these hairpin turns.  Depending on your car, you usually get passed up by guys on motorcycles.  When we went with  Grandpa, he would take those turns at a pretty high-speed.  He had quite a lead foot.

The observatory is pretty cool and has a great history.  As you drive up the mountain and get closer, all of a sudden you start to see flashes of this big, white, bulbous structure peaking up over the trees.  Reading about the history of how they got that telescope up that mountain is very interesting.

After leaving the observatory, I head back down the “back side” of the mountain and get to Lake Henshaw.

When the water level is high, it’s a beautiful lake.  Driving past the lake, you  come to Santa Ysabel. There is a place called Dudley’s Bakery and Restaurant.   When we went there with Grandpa, we would stop and get warm cherry pie, french fries and a glass of milk.  That would be lunch.  Dudley’s sells the best bread and there would be lines of people buying up tons of bread.  They’ve been around as long as I have.

The drive is very peaceful and beautiful.  It’s a great way to enjoy what we have here in our own “backyard” and take time to enjoy the season.

p.s. If you stop by and read my blog, leave me comment.  I’d love to know who’s reading.  Thanks.


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