My second post……what to talk about – Online Dating

Subject:  Online Dating…..okay talk amongst yourselves.

This is something I have done off and on for several years.  The stories I could tell you about the people these sites thought would be good for me.  eHarmony thought a guy who had pictures of himself in different poses showing all his tattoos and long hair was a perfect match for me.

Another match was pretty nice.  We talked on the phone and agreed to meet for coffee.  Once we got there and sat down, I noticed his hands were dry, scaly and peeling.  In my mind I’m thinking, “there’s no way I’m letting him touch me”.  As we started talking I learned his last name and he began telling me about his late wife who had died of cancer.  He told me he was still using the services of hospice for himself that I thought was a little odd but okay.

When I got home I did a little detective work and found his wife’s obituary in the paper.  I found out she had just died the month before.  CREEPY!  I’m all for getting on with your life, but that was too soon for me and I ended any further communication.   After that, cancelled my subscription.

Recently I’ve started up with  Late last year I found a guy, who on paper, looked perfect.  Should have been a red flag but I didn’t want to be judgemental.  We met for dinner and I learned he lived close to me and his mom, whom he was close to, lived even closer to me.  We talked a couple of times on the phone, texted and agreed to meet for dinner again.  This time it was at a nice Chinese restaurant.  Dinner was nice and as we were saying goodbye in the parking lot, we kissed goodbye.  That was nice and we parted.  We talked more and met again for dinner but this time I gave him directions to my house.  Well, this is when the red flags should have really gone up but I ignored them, again.  I wasn’t sure how my dog was going to react to him so we did a gradual introduction.  Charlie did not like him at all.  He didn’t bit him but barked  a lot.  We sat down on the couch and Charlie came right up and sat between us.  I have never seen him so protective of me.

To make a long story short (too late!), we progressed in the relationship and then I made the decision to ask him where he saw us going.  He said, “We can see each other and hook up until we find what we’re looking for”.  That was the end.  I told him I wasn’t in for a casual affair; I’m too old for that and quite honestly, so was he.  This was on my birthday.  A few days later on Thanksgiving he texted me to see if I had changed my mind and wanted to hook up.  I said no; he already made me feel cheap and like a hooker.  His response, “A hooker gets paid”.  That was our last communication.

Nine months later, I’ve signed up for the 6 month guarantee is offering.  You have to have an active profile, send out 5 emails each month and have photos on your profile.  I’m on day 24 of 30, sent out 6 emails and haven’t heard back from anyone.  Is common courtesy dead in today’s society?  If you get my email, read my profile and aren’t interested, just hit the “thanks, but I’m not interested” button.  It’s that simple.  I don’t even need an explanation.   And there’s no need to hide your profile.

Oh and those that respond and want you to correspond outside of Match, run, don’t walk.  Nine times out of ten they are scammers living in another country.  I’ve seen two of them on a scammers website, thanks to an episode of Anderson Cooper.

Enough about online dating.  Time to come up with a topic for my next blog.

Talk amongst yourselves…….


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