Take time….

One of the things I want to do over this next year (and really from now on), is take time.  Time to enjoy the small things; appreciate what is around me.  First thing I did was take time and enjoy this sunset the other night.  I was  in the house finishing my dishes and I noticed a beautiful orange glow on the wall in one of my bedrooms.  I went out in the back yard and saw that it was the sunset.  Fires are devastating but the remnants make for beautiful sunsets.

For those that know me, my absolute favorite time of year is Fall.  Here in San Diego, we don’t get a true Fall but the light changes in the sky,  the temperature begins dropping,  the flannel sheets will be on the bed soon and Sunday morning snuggles with Charlie are right around the corner.  He is my own little four-legged hot water bottle.

This year I plan on taking my mountain drive.  It’s the closest I get to seeing leaves change.  I haven’t been able to go for the past few years due to work, but this year I’m taking time.  Years ago, my sister and I used to spend a week with my Grandpa in Fallbrook.  He lived in a trailer park but not what you think.  It was beautiful with creeks and oak trees running through it.  One day out of the week he would take us on this drive and it’s something I have remembered ever since.   I’m planning on the weekend before Halloween.  I start by going through Valley Center and stopping at Bates Nut Farm.  They have a pumpkin patch that rotates each year from one side of the farm to the other.

The next stop is heading towards Palomar Mountain and stopping at the Observatory.  Before it used to be all open space on this drive, but as you leave Bates, you’ll be driving along a country road and then all of sudden this huge concrete structure comes up and it’s the parking garage for Harrah’s Rincon Casino.

To get to the mountain you have to drive on these hairpin turns.  Depending on your car, you usually get passed up by guys on motorcycles.  When we went with  Grandpa, he would take those turns at a pretty high-speed.  He had quite a lead foot.

The observatory is pretty cool and has a great history.  As you drive up the mountain and get closer, all of a sudden you start to see flashes of this big, white, bulbous structure peaking up over the trees.  Reading about the history of how they got that telescope up that mountain is very interesting.

After leaving the observatory, I head back down the “back side” of the mountain and get to Lake Henshaw.

When the water level is high, it’s a beautiful lake.  Driving past the lake, you  come to Santa Ysabel. There is a place called Dudley’s Bakery and Restaurant.   When we went there with Grandpa, we would stop and get warm cherry pie, french fries and a glass of milk.  That would be lunch.  Dudley’s sells the best bread and there would be lines of people buying up tons of bread.  They’ve been around as long as I have.

The drive is very peaceful and beautiful.  It’s a great way to enjoy what we have here in our own “backyard” and take time to enjoy the season.

p.s. If you stop by and read my blog, leave me comment.  I’d love to know who’s reading.  Thanks.


My second post……what to talk about – Online Dating

Subject:  Online Dating…..okay talk amongst yourselves.

This is something I have done off and on for several years.  The stories I could tell you about the people these sites thought would be good for me.  eHarmony thought a guy who had pictures of himself in different poses showing all his tattoos and long hair was a perfect match for me.

Another match was pretty nice.  We talked on the phone and agreed to meet for coffee.  Once we got there and sat down, I noticed his hands were dry, scaly and peeling.  In my mind I’m thinking, “there’s no way I’m letting him touch me”.  As we started talking I learned his last name and he began telling me about his late wife who had died of cancer.  He told me he was still using the services of hospice for himself that I thought was a little odd but okay.

When I got home I did a little detective work and found his wife’s obituary in the paper.  I found out she had just died the month before.  CREEPY!  I’m all for getting on with your life, but that was too soon for me and I ended any further communication.   After that, cancelled my subscription.

Recently I’ve started up with Match.com.  Late last year I found a guy, who on paper, looked perfect.  Should have been a red flag but I didn’t want to be judgemental.  We met for dinner and I learned he lived close to me and his mom, whom he was close to, lived even closer to me.  We talked a couple of times on the phone, texted and agreed to meet for dinner again.  This time it was at a nice Chinese restaurant.  Dinner was nice and as we were saying goodbye in the parking lot, we kissed goodbye.  That was nice and we parted.  We talked more and met again for dinner but this time I gave him directions to my house.  Well, this is when the red flags should have really gone up but I ignored them, again.  I wasn’t sure how my dog was going to react to him so we did a gradual introduction.  Charlie did not like him at all.  He didn’t bit him but barked  a lot.  We sat down on the couch and Charlie came right up and sat between us.  I have never seen him so protective of me.

To make a long story short (too late!), we progressed in the relationship and then I made the decision to ask him where he saw us going.  He said, “We can see each other and hook up until we find what we’re looking for”.  That was the end.  I told him I wasn’t in for a casual affair; I’m too old for that and quite honestly, so was he.  This was on my birthday.  A few days later on Thanksgiving he texted me to see if I had changed my mind and wanted to hook up.  I said no; he already made me feel cheap and like a hooker.  His response, “A hooker gets paid”.  That was our last communication.

Nine months later, I’ve signed up for the 6 month guarantee Match.com is offering.  You have to have an active profile, send out 5 emails each month and have photos on your profile.  I’m on day 24 of 30, sent out 6 emails and haven’t heard back from anyone.  Is common courtesy dead in today’s society?  If you get my email, read my profile and aren’t interested, just hit the “thanks, but I’m not interested” button.  It’s that simple.  I don’t even need an explanation.   And there’s no need to hide your profile.

Oh and those that respond and want you to correspond outside of Match, run, don’t walk.  Nine times out of ten they are scammers living in another country.  I’ve seen two of them on a scammers website, thanks to an episode of Anderson Cooper.

Enough about online dating.  Time to come up with a topic for my next blog.

Talk amongst yourselves…….

1 Year, 4 months, 3 weeks and 5 days

This is my journey to the half century mark.  I’m not a celebrity, I’m not rich (at least not with money),  and I’m not thin.  I am a woman who has the love of her family and her beloved dog, Charlie.    I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for the past 22 years; a job I fell into by accident.  I’ve never been married nor have I had children.  I have two beautiful nieces that I pretend are mine and seeing what my married and couple friends go through sometimes, I’m glad I’m single.  🙂

I have a friend that I truly admire who recently made a huge change in her life recently.  She quit a job she hated and decided to travel for 6 months.  Right now she’s travelling around Europe and blogging about her experience.  I am living vicariously through her experiences.  Now granted, she’s 16 years younger than me but I’m still jealous.  She is the one that gave me the idea to start blogging.

After reading about her first few days over there, I came to a decision that I am definitely going to take my trip to Alaska next year.  I’ve been talking and dreaming about it for a long time and after reading her blog, I’ve actually picked out a date and a specific cruisetour to go on.  I’ve even put it into my calendar.

I plan on blogging about my experiences over the next year, 4 months, 3 weeks and 5 days.  I’m going to try new things, meet new people, relax and try to find my passion.